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Qualitative Network Visualization (QNV) is the product of a multi-year project to research effective mappings from cluttered high-frequency network traffic space into more continuous and easily processed visual representations.


 I have led a wide range of information visualization projects including web traffic monitoring, twitter networks, virtual commerce, fraud detection, intelligence analysis and nonlinear magnification.  This is a partial gallery from a few of those projects.


The BattleView 20/20 system for viewing battlespace simulations is the product of a multi-year R&D project across multiple armed forces directorates to explore the use of advanced graphics techniques to enhance the presentation of the battlespace for war fighters and planners.


Uncertainties are omnipresent in the real world, and are critical to the accuracy of any visualization project that works with real world information.  This gallery shows some highlights from a project to explore ways in which uncertainties in battlespace planning can be meaningfully conveyed without overwhelming the user with visual clutter.


These images were generated with the QViz system for combining analytical queries with visualization to facilitate interactive exploration of massive scientific datasets. I created QViz during my time as a Research Scientist at Los Alamos National Lab.